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3dsMax script creator for Quixel Bridge

Mohammadreza Mohseni
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3dsMax startup script creator for Quixel Bridge

it is a simple script creator for connecting 3ds Max and Quixel Bridge.

written in Python


  1. Close all instance of 3dsMax
  2. Run Quixel Bridge
  3. Make sure the latest 3dsMax plugin is installed by Quixel Bridge
  4. Run the App ( 3dsMax-Bridge-Script-Creator.exe )
  5. Click on the button < Create Files >
  6. Enjoy


  • This app has not virual, malware, trojan or any kind of dangerious codes if you got warning by your antivirus it is a false positive because i do not have a code signing certificate
  • Also, this app do not collect anything in anyway.
  • if you want the source code email me.
  • This app is simple string generator to create script that sometimes not working for any kind of reasons
  • This app needed Quixel Bridge to be open while doing its thing to access the api of Quixel Bridge to get the plugin address
  • This app check the plugin folder of Quixel Bridge and use the latest one you installed for the script. if you want diffrent version to use in file just backup folders of the versions you do not want and delete their folders and keep only the one you need. (or any older ones - the latest version matters)
  • Every time you use this app this will overwrite the existing scripts if they exist
  • This app will create on every single language and versions of 3dsMax you installed automatically.

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a free tool to create Quixel Bridge startup script for 3ds Max


3dsMax script creator for Quixel Bridge

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