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3ds Max UI Visibility Control

Mohammadreza Mohseni
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This script is a very simple macro script for controlling the visibility of some part of 3ds Max user interface (UI) including Command Panel, Ribbon, Time Slider, Status Panel and Track Bar which can somewhat be translated to expert mode on steroid so you can show and hide some part of UI selectively using toolbar button with icons or using it with hotkey.

Hope you find it useful.

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I have created a very simple installation file which can find 3ds Max root folder easily so you can not to choose a folder for installing it and do the installation very fast with no hassle.

Installation is very simple :

1- close 3ds Max if it is running then run the installer

(it will run as admin on its own to get permission for copying file in 3ds Max root folder)

2- Select the 3ds Max version of your choice and check the path for root folder to be correct.

3- Run 3ds Max

4- Go to "Customize > Customize User Interface ..." Menu

5- You can find it under "# MOHSENI" category.

You can apply it to any toolbar or assign a hotkey to it.

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3ds Max UI Visibility Control

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